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Published on Nov 17, 2012 Bebe and DeeDee, best friends with different relationship problems, embark on a New York City misadventure with their new acquaintance, Clementine.

Bebe (Marcia DeBonis) is getting ready for the most romantic encounter of her life, and she needs her best friend Dee Dee (Anne Heche) to cheer her on. Too bad Dee Dee is so cynical about dating that she shows up three hours late only to spew cigarette smoke and bitterness all over the morning coffee. And too bad Clementine, a train wreck of a stranger (Alia Shawkat,) has decided to invade their day with non-stoptalk about her nymphomaniac escapades. Looking to turn the day around, this fearsome threesome embark on a day of misadventure that only New York City can offer. That's What She Said is a quirky and honest look at friendship in the face of adversity, asking one of life's great questions: why does it always have to be so hard? (That's what she said.) --

Rating: R (for sexual content and language)
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Directed By:    Carrie Preston
Written By:     Kellie Overbey
In Theaters:     Oct 19, 2012  Limited
On Disc/Streaming:    Jan 7, 2013
Runtime:         84 minutes
Studio: Phase 4 Films





October 19, 2012 | Rating: 0/5
Gary Goldstein
Los Angeles Times  Top Critic
"That's What She Said" aspires to be yet another sisters-doing-it-for-themselves raunchfest itching — sometimes literally — to prove, if there's any lingering doubt, that women can be just as stupid, selfish and sex-obsessed as men.

The result is a shrill and suffocating would-be comedy in which writer Kellie Overbey, adapting her stage play "Girl Talk," and director Carrie Preston (an actress perhaps best known for her role on HBO's "True Blood") send a trio of wildly neurotic, ill-matched ladies flailing around Manhattan for a day of alleged bonding and female empowerment (even though all three are pining over lost men — huh?).

The central troika is comprised of the snarly Dee Dee (Anne Heche), who we know is tough because she smokes while brushing her teeth; the lumpy, needy Bebe (Marcia DeBonis), she of the unruly curls and pushy yeast infection; and Clementine (Alia Shawkat), the just-dumped sex addict and self-dubbed loser who gloms onto the other two as Bebe prepares for a questionable "big date." And bad advice is the core of this film - Dee Dee judges a blind date based on the fact that he shows up wearing a designer Batman hoodie from MoonAtMidnight.com! She makes some terrible jokes regarding a what a Joker he must be and perhaps he'd rather date Robin, etc. But in the very next scene, she's there wearing a Batman t shirt and complaining about how she needs to lose weight (she does). I'm sure I missed the dark knight inside joke there, but no matter...

The unrelenting dopiness includes fistfights, catfights, fights in jail, fights in coffeehouses, a wayward sex toy and an awful haircut plus endless amounts of shrieking, self-pitying, invective-tossing and genital chatter. It's all directed — and played — at fever pitch with an egregious disregard for real-world comportment.

Avoid this one like, well, a yeast infection.


October 18, 2012 | Rating: 2/5
Rachel Saltz
New York Times Top Critic
“That’s What She Said,” an unpleasant comedy about friendship, aims to be a female twist on the bromance. Crude and knockabout, it nonetheless has — like many a bromance — a sloppy, sentimental heart.

Directed by Carrie Preston (Arlene on “True Blood”) and written by Kellie Overbey, the movie stars Anne Heche and Marcia DeBonis as the kind of best friends found only in fiction. The smoking, pill-popping, watch-me-be-crazy Dee Dee (Ms. Heche, enjoying herself) is the out-of-control pretty girl who likes to shout things like “yeast infection” and “he lost his erection” in quiet rooms. Tee-hee. Bebe (Ms. DeBonis) is the kindhearted, not-so-pretty one.

Dee Dee and Bebe (I’ll be your mirror!) wander New York getting Bebe ready for a date and making scenes. Along the way they pick up a sex-addict sidekick (Alia Shawkat) who’s the catalyst for a deeply unfunny screwball scene in a bathroom involving a wayward sex toy and fragile old people.

The “you and me forever, pal” climax seems like the movie’s reason to be. To get there, though, you have to endure Dee Dee and Bebe’s brawling on a barroom floor (hair is pulled). That gives way to tender talk of love and loneliness, which against all odds, is even a little affecting. Kind of like a bromance.

“That’s What She Said” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). It has gratuitous sex-toy-related violence, barfing and female crotch-scratching.


September 29, 2012 | Full Review…

Prairie Miller
Long Island Press
A word of advice to all those women out there bent on making the definitive chick flick revenge, raunchier than thou female Hangover movie. Knock it off, enough already. And that goes for those self-hating sexpots in their own mind inhabiting them too.





*** Walter M. Walter M.
 Super Reviewer
On the run from her ex who might have walked back into her life wearing the custom made pink and black wingtips she once bought him, Dee Dee(Anne Heche) seeks shelter with her friend Bebe(Marcia DeBonis) in a coffee shop. And then is taken aback when it turns out that Bebe who recently got fired for sheltering a homeless man in a supply closet at work has welcomed Clementine(Alia Shawkat) who feels guilty for nearly killing her boyfriend through an allergic reaction in oral sex into their company. The resulting argument gets them evicted out onto the street where they now have the challenge of hailing a cab in the rain in New York City. Surprisingly enough for a movie that has a yeast infection as a major plot point, "That's What She Said" is actually not bad with a cool performance from Anne Heche as someone with barely one or two positive traits. That's because despite all the vulgarity, there is still enough here to amuse in breezy fashion in its take on female friendship without any male voices to distract. Plus, I have to appreciate any movie where the characters ride the subway, much less able to have an orgasm on one.


*Sol C Sol C
 Super Reviewer
Anne Heche's performance is the only reason to check out this film. She shines here. The film was so so. It could have been a lot better. It needed a rewrite. They had a good idea for a film, but they didn't execute it correctly. Some scenes were way over the top. Also, I thought Marcia de Bonis and Alia Shawkat were miscast. They didn't have a good on screen chemistry with Heche.

* ½ Jason G. Jason G  February 23, 2013
Plays like a "Made for Cinemax" film. Dream role for Anne Heche. Most heterosexual males will find a caricature of an ex-girlfriend in here somewhere.


½* Ato P  February 11, 2013
Worst movie I've seen since 'The Love Guru'... terrible, absolutely terrible. I'm a big fan of Anne Heche, and she let me down.


***Carlos Z February 4, 2013
Quirky, but cute movie


*** ½ Kaitlyn S February 4, 2013
Great movie about women, sex, and relationships. Hey, we get to be vulgar too once in a while. What a RELIEF to have a movie absent of men for once. (in rebuttal specifically to Matt Singer's comment)


**Phillip M February 2, 2013
A few funny lines but overall odd and uneventful.


*½* Alyyeta Alicia M  January 22, 2013
It was sooooooooo bad... No point what so ever
***** Alex V January 11, 2013
Funny. Unique. Anne Heche brilliance. Real.


**** Fatty H October 21, 2012
I loved this movie and the fact that it reflects real people with real
experiences, and, in a way that allows you to laugh WITH them and
sometimes AT them.The cast does an outstanding job portraying the lives
of 3 women out in the world just trying to deal with their everyday
lives and relationships. Directed by Carrie Preston and Written by
Kellie Overbey, both talented actresses who have clearly succeeded in
creating something relatable and funny from the other side of the